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The upPE-T H2020 project aims to offer an innovative solution for the upcycling PE and PET post-consumer packaging wastes by transforming them into a range of biodegradable & recyclable bioplastics (PHBVs) for food & drink packaging manufacturing.
To this end the upPE-T project has also set up an initiative to change the way European citizens perceive and engage with plastic waste. This platform is taking the lead in creating awareness amongst European citizens about plastic recycling and upcycling to improve their knowledge and behavior towards packaging recycling.
By offering resources and information, the European Citizens Awareness Platform (ECAP) aims to empower individuals to make informed choices regarding their consumption and disposal of plastic materials. The ultimate goal is to reduce the environmental impact of plastic waste and promote sustainable practices.
Citizens who are interested in deepening their knowledge on plastics, can enrol in the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) that includes a range of instructional materials. The course is interactive with a combination of videos, texts and quizzes and includes five modules covering a series of topics around recycling and upcycling and is available in eight languages (English, Italian, Spanish, Serbian, Finnish, German, Greek, and Turkish). This inclusivity allows individuals to learn in their preferred language, ensuring that the information reaches as many Europeans as possible.

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The essence of the H2020 sister projects’ collaboration is the organization of joint events, webinars and workshops in order to disseminate and showcase the initiatives and solutions for a sustainable management of plastic packaging waste, as well as to develop and initiate networking and clustering activities to this end. The sister projects also contribute to the European Citizens Awareness Platform (ECAP) developed by upPE-T, which aims at raising awareness of the importance of Circular Economy, sorting and recycling practices together with responsible consumption.


A series of publications will be produced during the lifetime of the project aiming at disseminating the research results and transferring knowledge, in order to contribute to future research and progress in the fields of circular economy, upcycling and biodegradable bioplastics.

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upPE-T aims at creating awareness amongst European Citizens on plastic recycling and upcycling to increase their knowledge of product and material upcycling, improve their behaviour and attitude towards drink and food packaging recycling and purchasing.

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upPE-T has developed a MOOC for European Citizens with learning contents provided in eight languages (English, Italian, Spanish, Serbian, Finnish, German, Greek, and Turkish)



The VR app shows how plastic collection, sorting are performed in Belgrade, Serbia, and enzymes are used to degrade pre-treated plastics into building blocks. They are further used to produce bioplastics by upPE-T partners

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