USE AND CONSUMPTION: culture of waste and consumption

Worldwide, almost 1 million plastic bottles are purchased every minute. The environmental impact of that plastic tide is a growing political problem. In this module you will learn how this problem can be contained.

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Beyond the R’s

Current disposal methods threaten our health, safety and environment, and impose additional indirect costs on society. The solution to this problem lies in the 'Three Rs' approach: reduce, reuse, recycle.

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BIO: Benefits, Information, and Observation

BIO is a part of different words and terms, and depending on the rest of the construction of the word, it can adopt different meanings. This module will explain their meanings.

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Cheers! Long live planet Earth and its inhabitants

This module takes an introductory approach on overpopulation, pollution, fossil fuel, deforestation, carbon footprint, and microplastics.

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Men are all the same (but so are women)

This module describes an urgent need to start building man's alliance with the environment in correct terms for a better quality of life.

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